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1 WEEK IN GENEVA – CERN and the Large Haydron Collider


Everything you did to help prepare for the trip made the whole experience perfect.
Cern was truly a trip of a lifetime for Richard. We were on a tour with physics teachers from Brussels. It seemed like Richard knew more about the Large Hadron Collider then they did! Our group leader told us that 600 people visit Cern each day and only about 24 get to go down the 20 stories underground in France to see the detector. I guess the stars were aligned because we were part of the lucky 24. Richard was in his glory.
For this part of the trip alone, we are so very, very grateful to you. We would not have been able to have this incredible experience without you. Richard brags about you whenever he tells people stories about our trip!

Our first travel experience working with you was nothing short of what your name suggests. Amazing.

You pulled off the almost impossible task of getting us a guaranteed visit to Cern, which was the whole purpose of the trip. Your selection of our hotel and tips and pointers made for one of our most outstanding adventures to date. And, I hope you quote me on that!
Richard and I look forward to planning many trips together with you over the coming years!!

Submitted by:

Alison T.


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