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Amaze Travel is a dedicated full-service luxury travel provider.  Yet we understand that sometimes our clients have simpler needs and prefer to book online while still receiving the same exclusive VIP amenities we offer on our custom trips. Our solution is to offer an online tool to book hotels online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…

You can now browse and book at your convenience – and what’s more, you’ll still receive the same exclusive amenities we always provide to our clients.  Once you make a booking, the information comes directly to our advisors so we can follow up with you about additional services or whatever else you may need!

Book a Hotel

Book a Hotel

It’s perfect for last minute getaways, weekend breaks, or other short trips! As always, we remain available for all of your full-service luxury travel needs. For custom travel requests, contact your Amaze Travel advisor or submit your inquiry here.

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