North America


From sea to shining sea, North America is arguably the most varied country in the world, with diverse people, climates, and landscapes. From the rugged extremes of Alaska to the smooth Cabernets of Napa Valley, to the Polynesian palms of Hawaii this continent offers something for everyone. Sleep under the Northern Lights in a thermal glass igloo, gasp at killer whales in Vancouver, revel in the hottest nightlife in New York, or slalom the powder covered Rocky Mountains. The sheer scale and amount of experiences are in this country inspire awe and ensure enjoyment for any type of traveler. From the Appalachians to the Badlands, from the Yukon to the Keys, you can live the dream on your travels in North America. Amaze Travel invites you to EXPLORE, ENCOUNTER & ENRICH in the majestic expanse of North America.



Embrace the Aloha spirit in this breathtaking Pacific archipelago. Plumeria perfumed breezes, rustling palm trees, and hospitable ambiance contrast with powerful surf and blazing lava eruptions in this lush island landscape. Every sense is engaged in Hawaii – the mountain top view of a sunrise or rainbows of waterfall mist delights the eyes, coffee plantation roasteries scent the air and awaken you, cheerful ukuleles and dramatic drumming luaus enchant your ears, warm pillowy sand feels luxurious on your fingers and toes, and the freshest piña coladas and Polynesian fusion cuisine quenches your cravings. Take a helicopter tour of the coast, see hot lava swim from an active volcano, go whale watching, tour a local plantation, golf on a scenic obsidian professional course, indulge at the spa, or revisit World War II history. The possibilities for discovery, adventure and relaxation are seemingly endless in Hawaii.

Northern California

Experience the amazing northern regions of California from Lake Tahoe to Napa Valley and San Francisco. The cosmopolitan chalet-dotted Lake Tahoe is home to 14 ski resorts as well as the country’s largest alpine lake. By day, ski the exhilarating slopes while enjoying the remarkable chairlift views of California and Nevada’s jagged peaks surrounding the cobalt blue lake. The evenings are perfect for warming by the fire or hot-tub, or testing your luck at the lively casinos. Head to Napa Valley to sample some of the world’s finest Chardonnays and Cabernets while lavishing in small-town charms, boutique restaurants, and quaint B&Bs. End your stay in the diverse city of San Francisco, where you can marvel at the giant 100-year-old redwoods, bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, sample calamari in the Fisherman’s Wharf at Pier 39, and visit numerous culturally unique neighborhoods. From skiing to wine tasting, to exploring the city, the Golden State’s northern expanse is full of amusements.


From the Inside Passage to the Arctic Circle, Alaska is truly one of our Earth’s most untouched destinations. Home to striking mountain ranges, glacier-carved valleys, and sheer breath-taking bays and fjords, visitors are privy to an overabundance of wilderness and wildlife viewing activities. Those who are drawn to the enchantment of natural Alaska will find no shortage of beautiful encounters while hiking, whale-watching, fly-fishing, bear viewing in the wild, or kayaking among glaciers. For thrill seekers, try taking a helicopter over the Juneau Ice Field to your private dog sledding excursion, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, heli-fishing or heli-skiing. On the lighter side, photo-safaris, sightseeing tours, and historical and cultural interactions are great opportunities for travelers. If you prefer luxury to the more rustic accommodations, there are an abundance of options. Five-star hotels, luxury resorts and wilderness lodges with some of the most beautiful vistas imaginable cover this awe-inspiring territory.

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