Australia & South Pacific


This region has drawn travelers to its many special charms for centuries. Not only can you gaze upon its extreme natural beauty, but you will also find vibrant local cultures and exotic island settings. Those seeking active travel will love the remarkable diversity of Australia and New Zealand and the hospitable Kiwi welcome that comes with it. From miles of sandy beaches to energetic modern cities to vast wide-open spaces, rugged wilds and impressive mountains, the options of activities and sights are virtually limitless here. Alternatively, escape to the ultimate desert island paradise in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, the Cook Islands or French Polynesia, amazingly unspoiled and surrounded by eleven million miles of gorgeous azure waters. Amaze Travel invites you to EXPLORE, ENCOUNTER & ENRICH in the lush wilds of the South Pacific



The Land Down Under has it all, clear Pacific waters that are fabulous for surfing, lush green rainforests for spying koala bears, the dynamic Great Barrier Reef for breathtaking snorkeling and SCUBA, the rugged dry red outback for Kangaroo safaris, and cosmopolitan cities. For those seeking lush islands, pristine beaches and turquoise waters, head for the coast of Queensland. If you prefer jungle treks and outdoor activities, the wild and remote Kimberly, mountainous Tasmania, Cape Tribulation or Kakadu National Park offer adventure in plenty. For those who are more interested in fine wines and gourmet dining, ramble along the scenic Hunter Valley, home to rolling vineyards, romantic restaurants, and boutique hotels. For the cosmopolitan traveler, the cities of Melbourne and Sydney offer around the clock entertainment and stylish and sophisticated panoramas. Australia has your interests covered, wherever they may lie from beaches, mountains, and outback, to culture and urban life.

New Zealand

In The Land of Endless Sky, New Zealand, one can experience the beauty of all of Europe within its very own borders. While many travelers find a sense of comfort in the familiarity of the city-scapes, maneuverability, cuisine and English-speaking environment, this island nation is still brimming with unique experiences unlike anywhere else on earth. An outdoor lover’s paradise, New Zealand’s spectacular landscapes, vibrant wildlife, and temperate climate have earned it the reputation as the adventure capital of the world. From bungee jumping over the churning rapids of the Kawarau River, swimming with pods of wild Dusky Dolphins, hot-air ballooning, or skiing on ancient glaciers, to escaping it all on a semi-tropical beach, enjoying a delicious glass of local Sauvignon Blanc, touring a domestic farm, or immersing in cultural exchanges with the country’s Maori residents, there are many ways to captivate your sensibilities.

French Polynesia

Picture the ultimate tropical island paradise with palm trees dancing in the breeze and hammocks swaying over powdery white sand beaches that overlook the brightest blue waters you can imagine, and you are picturing French Polynesia. The alluring climate, relaxing atmosphere and second to none coral reef are a virtually hypnotic lure for travelers. For those who love diving, dramatic landscapes and stunning natural beauty, the islands of French Polynesia are a must visit. Some of the most remarkably beautiful islands in French Polynesia include Tahiti and Bora Bora. Tahiti, for its ancient volcanoes, banana groves, spectacular tropical flowers, and bustling capital city of Papeete; and Bora Bora for its incredible blue lagoon, some of the best dive sites in the world, and signature romantic over-water bungalows and luxury villas. The electric blue waters of French Polynesia support almost any water activity you can imagine from jet-skiing, surfing, whale watching, snorkeling, diving, boating or just floating in the sun with a Mai-Tai in your hand. Any one of the over 120 destinations is sure to be your very own desert island, where you can truly escape and unwind.

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