Africa is a mysterious place that conjures images of vast plains, lush waterways, colorful markets, and vibrant cities. It is a place of glorious extremes, epic wildlife, and diverse cultures. Its majesty offers some of the most fascinating experiences on earth, whether you wish to spy the Big Five on a South African safari, surf the sapphire coast of the Atlantic Ocean, marvel in the golden glow of the Egyptian pyramids, or shop and dine in the fashionable city of Cape Town you will encounter why it is truly the Cradle of Mankind. Amaze Travel invites you to EXPLORE, ENCOUNTER, and ENRICH in the rare beauty of Africa.


South Africa

South Africa abounds with riches of history, culture, and wildlife.  Home to the breathtaking Kruger National Park, South Africa provides an ample 2 million hectares of big game viewing.  Along with the Big Five; buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino, the park is teeming with thousands of animals, colorful birds, and vegetation.  A short trip to Cape Town is a great pairing with a safari.  There you can enjoy panoramic views from the top of Table Mountain, interact with marine life such as great white sharks and penguins, or shop and dine in the cosmopolitan harbor.  If your curiosity for the country’s history and trials through apartheid compel you, Johannesburg allows a peek into a not-so-distant civil rights movement.  Here you can visit the now blooming township of Soweto, hometown to Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, among many other tributes to South African independence.


Tanzania’s expanses offer endless gems for the traveler.  The iconic Mount Kilimanjaro looms to the east.  The Serengeti plains, pathway for the great wildebeest migration, offers unparalleled wildlife viewing.  Lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, big herds of elephants, baboons and monkeys are bountiful.  After discovering the plains, travel to Zanzibar’s exotic beaches for a relaxing respite in tropical paradise.  Zanzibar’s location in the Indian Ocean made it a natural trading center throughout history and it became famous for its exotic spices.  A UNESCO World Heritage site within Zanzibar, Stone Town, takes you on a trip back in time where you can admire the traditional houses, narrow streets, several mosques and even a Sultan’s palace.  For those seeking a more remote island experience, travel from Tanzania to Seychelles can also be arranged.


From the rugged Atlas Mountains in the north to the dunes of the Sahara, west to the Atlantic coast and into the bustling souks and medinas of the cities, Morocco is a land of contrasts.  Close to Europe, but a world away in experience, part of Africa but with an identity entirely its own, Morocco is a country with soul.  It provides a potpourri of experiences to appeal to every sense; camel trekking the Saharan dunes, hiking the scenic Berber mountains, venturing through Fes, the world’s oldest intact medieval city, watching snake charmers and belly dancers in Marrakech, and interacting with the variety of proud and hospitable inhabitants.  Travelers often find themselves so welcomed by the people and enamored with the variety of encounters that before they leave they are already dreaming of which riad in coastal Essaouira they will rent on their return journey.

An Eastern African safari with a Jeep and leopard in frame

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