Europe offers what travelers seek most – romance, natural beauty, history and the laidback lifestyle where you can enjoy not only a geographical but mental transportation. Romance abounds in the rose-colored atmosphere along the Seine in Paris and in the songs of the gondolas throughout the canals of Venice. The natural beauty of the Swiss Alps evokes images of warming up in front of a crackling fire in a ski chalet, where alternatively the crystal clear waters of Croatia urge you to hold hands and dive into the refreshing Mediterranean. Walk through centuries of ancient history in the ruins of Rome’s Coliseum, ponder the pioneer of architectural engineering in the Duomo in Florence, marvel at Greece’s mighty Acropolis, stand in awe of Russia’s palaces, and contemplate England’s prehistoric mystery, Stonehenge. And at the end of your wandering, grab a seat on a Parisian bench, a Belgian sidewalk café, or a Spanish plaza table and reflect and observe the passersby, all without any particular agenda other than to enjoy the ‘dolce vita’ (sweet life). Amaze Travel invites you to EXPLORE, ENCOUNTER & ENRICH in the romance of Europe.



Where does one even begin in Italy? This beautiful country is undeniably one of the world’s top destinations for so many reasons. From the fashion of Milan, the romance of Venice, the history of Florence, to the culture of Rome, there are no limits to satisfy every traveler’s interests. In between explorations of the ancient ruins of the Roman Forum, Colosseum and Pantheon challenge yourself to find the best local cappuccinos and gelatos in the world. Surround yourself in the art and architecture of the Renaissance in Florence with Michelangelo’s David and Brunelleschi’s Duomo, bask in the cascade of brightly colored houses and lemon groves of Cinque Terre and the Amalfi coast, Savor the renowned fine wines and truffled pastas of Tuscany, wander the shops along the steep cobblestone hill towns of Umbria, and revel in the art, history, breathtaking views and cuisine of Sicily. A country of such dimension will envelop you in rustic charm, history, modernity, and romance wherever you may travel.

Spain & Portugal

Well known for sangria, Flamenco, paella and siestas, Spain is at the top of many travelers dream vacation destinations. In this country, you will also encounter rambling boulevards, fruity Rioja wines, distinguished art, and rich cultural heritage. From the Plaza Mayor in the cosmopolitan city of Madrid to the vivacious whimsy of Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona, to the glamorous Mediterranean sun in Mallorca, and the dramatic dance of the bullfight in Andalucia, beautiful sights and experiences abound. Don’t forget to take time to indulge in the local Tempranillo wines and cuisine in a scene that is on the rise in Spain. Sampling tapas from bar to bar is still the most traditional and sociable way to eat, yet fine dining options offer delectable experiences for foodie travelers. A nearby trip to sunny Portugal is a wonderful addition on your trip to Iberia. From medieval villages and literary traditions to pristine beaches and prestigious golf courses, to rolling vineyards and sprawling olive groves, Portugal is a land of beauty.

Greece & Turkey

Exquisite islands, stunning coastline, ancient myths, and delicious food are all a part of Greece’s fame. The iconic whitewashed facades and electric blue rooftops of Santorini are a feast for the eyes. While there, peruse the boutiques along the cobblestone streets of Oia, sunbathe on a multicolored volcanic sand beach, take a refreshing dive in the Aegean, and savor the fresh fish in the gourmet restaurants of Thira while sipping cocktails and enjoying Greece’s most photographed sunset. Harness your inner Apollo and head to the island of Mykonos for its popular beaches and energetic nightlife. With its sparkling waters, historical legends and sandy beaches, Greece offers much to explore. From here it is easy to combine a trip to Turkey. Travelers find Istanbul to be a welcoming and romantic destination requiring little assistance while offering all they desire in the way of luxury service and accommodations, awe-inspiring vistas, and exhilarating activities. Visiting the towering mosques, the bustling marketplaces, and the world-famous spas and baths are just some of the numerous experiences of which to partake in Turkey.

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