Postcard perfect beaches, warm tropical breezes, laidback ambiance, and rainbow-colored cocktails are given in the Caribbean. With the crystal blue sea at your feet, activities such as snorkeling, diving, jet-skiing, surfing, boating, and parasailing are easy to stumble upon. On a lazy day in the islands, you can enjoy the freshest seafood, seasoned perfectly with the Caribbean’s spicy sweet flavors, from casual beach tiki bars to epicurean cuisine establishments where some of the world’s most famous chefs are increasingly prevalent. It’s no secret why the islands are popular with families, couples, adventurers, foodies and naturists alike. Everyone is sure to find their own version of paradise in the Caribbean.



With restrictions being lightened, record numbers of Americans are traveling to Cuba. A once ‘off-limits’ destination, Cuba’s lure is more powerful than ever as travelers seek to discover the very eventful past that restricted their access along with the modern, thriving and rich culture that has taken its place. A trip to this island is an utterly different experience than other locales in the Caribbean. As Cuba has been isolated for so long, the infrastructure, accommodations and tour flexibility are very limited, however, from a cultural point of view, it is a fascinating destination. The infamous revolutionaries, iconic classic cars, Latin rhythms and dynamic art scenes of the past have imprinted on its present. Surrounded by crumbling colonial edifices on one side and newly developed coastline on the other, Cuba is an island perpetually in transition and is a perfect choice for the traveler who enjoys their mojitos with cultural contemplation on the side.

Turks & Caicos

The Turks & Caicos Islands are renowned for their shimmering white beaches and endless warm blue waters. Named as one of the best scuba diving locations in the world by the famed Jacques Cousteau, these islands offer ideal waters for any aquatic activity. For those wishing to lose track of time and drift in and out of relaxing dreams, head to the beautiful Grace Bay Beach, the ideal setting for a day of tropical paradise. Tee off from one of the best golf courses in the Caribbean, watch for the shore to transition into a bright pink during the impressive flamingo migration, tour the exotic sanctuaries, or stroll through British colonial history. The beauty of Turks & Caicos will captivate and the atmosphere will recharge the traveler seeking pure vacation.

St. Barts

Live the lavish island lifestyle and luxury in Saint Barts’ setting of exclusivity, serenity, and pampering. This is a destination that caters to high-end tastes through its world-class cuisine, couture boutiques, and chic villas. While small, it is brimming with the sophistication and charm of cosmopolitan France, while situated in the stunning turquoise sea rimmed lush hills that define the Caribbean. Relax on the powdery beaches, snorkel the coral reefs from your villa’s private stone steps into the sea, shop local woven handicrafts and savor the marvelous food and wine. A favorite escape for the rich and famous due to its peaceful, idyllic, and friendly atmosphere, Saint Barts is certain to win your heart.

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