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Thank you so much for planning every detail of our Africa trip, that turned out to be THE EPIC ADVENTURE of our lives! That was our unanimous word of the day, Epic… We’d end the day thinking it couldn’t get better from the day’s experiences, and yet, the next proved to be even better than the one before.

From the moment we landed until the time of departure, we were treated like honored guests.

Thank you for arranging our exceptional guide, who was friendly, accommodating, educational and patient. Thank you for arranging the days in the Cape Wineland country, the touring Table Mountain, the Cape of Good Hope, driving down their Highway 1 on the side of a mountain where two oceans meet, the beautiful Cape Town and its’ fine dining, marinas, mountain views, the the Sabi Sands Game Reserve at Londolozi, and even the view of whales breaching the ocean as we drove by!
We lived like royalty with every whim catered.

Our drivers, guides, trackers, hosts and the residents of South Africa were as friendly as could be.

We’ve never been to a place that enjoyed meeting foreign tourists as much as the South Africans did. The four of us, lifelong friends, had this chance to deepen our understanding of of not just the true beauty of the world we live in, but also the beauty of true friendship. Thank you Julie for arranging each detail – we never wondered if a driver would show to move us through three cities to luxurious accommodations – We trusted and appreciate your knowledge of the areas you sent us so that we would experience a comfortable, carefree, unique, and wonderfully EPIC adventure. It was truly AMAZEing!

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Rhonda M & Cheryl W


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