Signature Egypt: Cairo & Nile Cruise

7-Day Egypt

Signature Egypt: Cairo & Nile Cruise

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Amaze Travel’s Signature Journey Egypt: Cairo & Nile Cruise is our exploration of the ancient lands of Egypt, truly one of the world’s cradles of civilization. This journey includes time to see the wonders of the Nile on a 4-night luxury river cruise combined with time seeing iconic sites in and around Cairo including the Pyramids of Giza, The Egyptian Museum, Al-Azhar Mosque, Old (Coptic) Cairo, and the narrow & lively markets of Cairo. This trip provides for an in-depth understanding of the ancient culture of the area, which dates to 6th century BC. Several destinations are good complementary add-ons to this trip including Jordan, Turkey and the UAE.

Our Signature Journeys are a collection of itineraries expertly designed to showcase the riches of the region while providing unique and elegant experiences.

Day 1: Arrive Cairo, Egypt
As you near Cairo and the skyline comes into view, you may even see the Great Pyramids which signals you are to commence a fascinating Egypt experience. Upon arrival a VIP representative will meet you at the sleeve/jetway of the plane. He will facilitate passport control procedures, luggage identification and escort you through customs to your awaiting driver for the transfer to the Four Seasons Nile Plaza. Set along the east riverbank of the Nile, the Four Seasons is the perfect location for a luxury stay. Rooms include views across Cairo including views of the Nile, the island of Zamalek or the 12th-century Citadel.

Four Seasons at Nile Plaza

Day 2: Old Cairo
This morning start your Cairo as your Egyptologist escorts you the National Museum, a tour of 7,000 years of history, antiquities and golden treasures. You will go inside the fabulous ‘Mummies Room’ where many Royal kings, queens and Pharohs are kept in state. Continue to see the highlights of Coptic Cairo including the old Fortress of Babylon, the Church of St Sergius and the Hanging Church. Finally, you’ll visit the Islamic Quarter to see the Old Gates and the busy local markets including the fascinating Khan El-Khalili Bazaar.

Four Seasons at Nile Plaza

Day 3: They Pyramids & Sphinx
Your Egyptologist will escort you to some of the most important pyramids in Egypt including the Bent, Red and Step Pyramids and of course the Great Pyramids of Giza. We have arranged for an exclusive VIP access to visit INSIDE one of the paws of the Sphinx, certainly an experience that will further make this a special day in a special part of Egypt.

Four Seasons at Nile Plaza

Day 4: Luxor & Cruise
This morning you will take a short flight from Cairo to Luxor to board your Oberoi ship for a 4-night Nile River cruise. This is the most well-known section of the famous Nile River due to the ancient temples and monuments that lie among its banks. As you cruise along the river, you will fall in love with the secrets of ancient Egypt, from timeless monuments to hand carved temples and tombs. This afternoon you will tour the Karnak and Luxor temples, that were lost beneath the desert sands for centuries.

Oberoi Nile Cruise (Luxor)

Day 5: West Bank & Esna
This morning start by visiting the West Bank to both the Valley of the Kings, which is where ancient pharohs were laid to rest, and the Valley of the Queens, final resting place to the pharohs’ wives. Here you will view the tomb of Queen Nefertari, carefully preserved over the centuries and an exclusive experience to enjoy. The ship will continue down the river and dock in Esna, which was an important city during the Roman and Ptolemaic periods (1st to 3rd centuries AD). The Temple of Esna stands out for its hall of 24 pillars which are intricately decorated.

Oberoi Nile Cruise (Esna)

Day 6: Edfu & Kom Ombo
In Edfu, you will visit the Temple of Horus is extremely well preserved and stands tall with its muscular front walls that have dual falcon statues at the entrance. After a brief sail down the Nile, this afternoon you’ll visit the temples of Kom Ombo. These twin temples are to honor two sets of gods and construction started in the 2nd century BC. A curiosity of the area is the Crocodile Museum which holds the remains of over 300 mummified crocodiles that were discovered near the temples.

Oberoi Nile Cruise (Kom Ombo)

Day 7: Aswan
Overnight the ship will glide up the Nile and you will wake up in your final port of Aswan, marking ancient Egypt’s southern frontier. The famed stone quarries of ancient Egypt are found here, where massive obelisks, columns and statues were carved and dug from Aswan before moved to their intended use. Today you can still see the unfinished obelisk which is still in place as the project was abandoned in 1400 BC after a crack ultimately had formed. The obelisk estimated weight is over 1,000 tons which approximates the weight of 6.5 houses!

Oberoi Nile Cruise (Aswan)

Day 8: Disembark & Departure
This morning is your final on the ship. You will take a brief flight to Cairo airport, where you will then connect to your flight departing Egypt for your return home. An optional add-on is available which permits a visit to the Abu Simbel Temples. This requires a flight from Aswan to Abu Simbel where you will be privately guided, before then flying from Abu Simbel to Cairo.


This journey includes stays in:
    • Cairo, Egypt
    • Luxor, Egypt
    • Esna, Egypt
    • Kom Ombo, Egypt
    • Aswan, Egypt
Zoom out to view all points on the map above.

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