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We had a wonderful trip!

I don’t know where to begin.

We lovedLondon — our guides were terrific, our car service was great and the hotel was fabulous. We walked over to church a couple of blocks away and attended Easter High Mass. I hadn’t been to a Latin mass in a very long time and it was lovely. We had high tea at the Milestone on Easter Sunday and walked thru Kensington Palace and the gardens and park that surrounds it. The tours were educational, well-run and fun – oh my, the jewels, the history, the pomp and circumstance!


Emma and I did some shopping while Nancy found the oldest pub in Kensington. She told everyone she was there for the history, but we all know it was for the pints! We lunched at Harrods and just soaked it all in. It was a good thing we brought our walking shoes – the weather in London and Paris could not have been better. Emma and I walked the entire area around Kensington Palace, Hyde Park and the hotel. Our location was perfect.


The train to Paris was fun, as well. We played scrabble and enjoyed lunch during the ride. After we arrived at the hotel, (again the location was perfect) Emma and I walked all over the gardens and over to the Louvre to see the pyramids. There were lots of street vendors out and we bought lots of our souvenirs. The hotel was beautiful and very plush. We could see the Eiffel Tower from our window and watched the light show at 9 p.m.


Our tour on Wednesday was great. Our guide was very nice, very smart, she was funny and personable. We saw the Mona Lisa (Emma’s top request) and enjoy the museum, the boat ride was fun, weather again was perfect. The Eiffel Tower was very crowded, but fun. Notre-Dame was amazing. It is hard to take in all that history in such a short time. The church across from it had the most amazing stained glass windows!

We really were lucky the way you had set-up our tours in Paris. Everything went so smoothly.


At breakfast on Thursday, the people at the table next to us told us the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and the other museums were closed in solidarity with the striking air traffic controllers and they were trying to come up with a new plan for their day. Our pastry guide met us at the chocolate shop as planned and we enjoyed 70+ degree weather on our walking tour. I think I almost enjoyed that tour more than seeing all of the historic venues we went to. We walked into tiny little courtyards and down small cobblestone streets that we would never have found on our own. We did stop in a couple of other Churches that we past along the way and our guide told us all about their history (and the Rose Line that runs through Paris – Da Vinci Code, etc.)


Emma and I still managed to get a little shopping in along the designer shops before that tour started. When the tour ended, we grabbed a cab and went to the Chaillot Quarter and had dinner at a cafe overlooking the many beautiful sights of Paris.

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