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My husband and I decided to travel to Italy for the holiday. Jim and Julie, at Amaze Travel, helped us put together a great 5 day vacation to Rome.


While in the early stages of planning, we told them that we wanted a couple days of planned activities as well as a couple days of unscheduled time to explore and shop on our own. They definitely fulfilled that requirement; it was a perfectly balanced trip. Jim and Julie also took into account our personal interests/hobbies when planning our excursions. They know we both love to cook, so they scheduled a half day private cooking class for us. This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip! We learned how to make a variety of fresh pasta as well as the traditional “mother sauce” (tomato sauce). This is the only way we make sauce at home now. Oh, did I mention it was truffle season while we were there? We had truffles added on to any meal when possible.

It was positively delightful!


We also appreciated a suggestion given, in regards to self-guided touring, prior to the trip. Due to their own personal travel experience, they were able to suggest that we download specific podcast audio tours for St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. This was an excellent tip. I actually found them much easier to follow than the audio tours provided on site.


It is a comfort to know that your travel agents are also well traveled.

There is a different type of knowledge they possess, and it’s not something that can be learned solely in books or online.

This special quality is evident in Jim and Julie. Their excellent communication throughout the entire process as well as their added personal touches are reasons enough for us to continue to use Amaze Travel in the future.

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Mary Beth


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