South America

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South America is unparalleled in its diversity. No other continent offers such a stunning range of wonders. You can experience man-made wonders from the ancient Machu Picchu to the modern sophistication in the energetic urban centers of Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Santiago. Nature lovers will marvel at this land’s extremes from the vast Chilean Atacama desert, towering peaks of the Andes mountain range and the immense Patagonian glaciers to the pristine Amazon rainforest, the living library of the Galapagos Islands, and the golden sand beaches of Brazil. With a rich combination of ancient Incan and colonial history, the culture is vibrant and the people are so welcoming that you may find yourself wishing to stay forever.


Amaze Travel is fully equipped to send you on a luxury tour to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Easter Island, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and many other destinations in South America and Antarctica. Below are some of our most popular travel destinations.

— Brazil —


With over half of South America’s landmass, Brazil is a varied country full of lush landscapes and lively spirit. If the untouched Amazon rainforest, thundering Iguaçu Falls and storied colonial towns aren’t compelling enough, then the alluring cities and pristine beaches of Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, along with the magnetic pulse of samba rhythms, the cooling caipirinhas, and passionate people offer endless opportunities to find your own version of enchantment. Whether you are seeking an ecological adventure, a remote beach escape, a cultural journey or all three, Brazil offers a wide range of extraordinary experiences for all.

— Chile —


As one of the longest countries in the world, Chile encompasses a remarkable variety of climates and staggering landscapes. Here you can experience anything from discovering the pristine yet unique neighborhoods of Santiago, wine tasting in the Colchagua valley, horseback-riding through the Atacama desert’s Rainbow Valley, marveling at the expanse of Patagonia or gazing up at the towering spires and glaciers of Torres del Paine. Chile truly offers endless fascination for every traveler.



Peru may be most known for the captivating ancient Incan city, Machu Picchu, but it’s a country full of alluring attractions. Among the constant of its intriguing heritage and striking scenery, countless encounters exist in this mystical country. All waiting to be explored are the interactive colonial city of Cuzco; the Amazon, home to over half of the world’s species; Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world; Darwin’s living library of the Galapagos Islands; and reputably the continent’s gastronomic trend leader, Lima. The magnificence of Peru draws you in and mesmerizes you, and is a perfect option for anyone from the lone traveler to the large family vacation.

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