“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.”

– Hilaire Belloc

We work with you to develop a customized travel program that is aligned with your group’s interests and travel preferences. We handle all of the planning, bookings, and trip logistics, working with our global network of experts to ensure the best quality and service for your group. Our tours are focused on creating remarkable and authentic experiences and providing enriching opportunities for your group.

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Air, Hotel, Cruise, Tour, Entertainment & Dining Reservations

Expert Guides, Unique Experiences & Specialty Resources

Immigration, Passport & Visa Services

Insurance, Luggage Shipping & Other Special Services

Types of Groups

Wherever your interests lie, we are equipped to design your customized group travel program. You may also choose to distinguish your group experience with one of our many VIP offerings such as unique private events and special access to impressive landmarks.

Featured Groups

From shared interest travel to reward trips and board or donor experiences we work with a variety of groups tailored to your specific needs.

Country Clubs

Schools & Universities

Affinity & Special Interest

Executive Retreats & Meetings

Incentive & Award Trips



Adding a travel program to your organization generates rewards that continue to benefit both the organization and the membership.


    • Strengthens member relationships & support
    • Increases member engagement & loyalty
    • Attracts new members
    • Increases member purchases
    • Build community around your brand


    • Travel made easy – planning & logistics taken care of for you
    • Travel made affordable – discounted group pricing
    • See new places – distinct travel to exciting destinations
    • Meet new friends – opportunity to socialize with members
    • Familiar Members

GROUPs made easy

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Customize Your Trip

We take your vision and make it a reality, creating the trip that is perfectly suited to your group.

Pack & Go

Every detail is managed by Amaze Travel so that you and your group can sit back and enjoy your trip.


What is the cost of the program?

There is no additional cost to the organization for adopting our group travel program.

How much of my time is required to run the program?

We run the group travel program for you, from designing the trips, to the sales and booking process through managing the trip logistics and follow up. Your time will be limited to the extent youwish to be involved.

How do I ensure the trips are appropriate for my members?

We understand the value of your members’ experiences and the need to provide services that are consistent with your brand. Therefore, each program is carefully designed to suit the special interests and high quality standards of your group.

This is a great idea, why don’t I DIY my own group travel program?

Your members are too valuable to point and click. The goal is for your members to have a seamless and enjoyable experience. As travel professionals we can ensure that the tours are truly fullservice and that no details are overlooked.

Your time is too valuable to spend researching trips, building travel relationships, selling, organizing, tracking, collecting and executing a fully developed travel program. We provide our time so that you can focus on your members.

Your expertise is in your field, while our expertise is planning & executing travel. We know the globe and have strong relationships in the travel industry. Therefore we maximize the experiences and benefits of travel for your members.

Your cost is zero and member activity around the trips should actually increase your organization’s sales. That’s worth a try!

Experience the Globe with Amaze Travel